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Becoming A Licensed Contractor in CA

Sunday, March 25, 2012 Filed Under Contractors License

Construction is one of the largest industries in California’s diverse economy, affording numerous opportunities for success. With approximately 280,000 contractor licenses currently issued, the Contractors State License Board receives more than 25,000 applications for new licenses each year.
The procedure for obtaining a contractor’s license makes becoming a licensed contractor more convenient than ever—there are testing sites located statewide, and now you can check on the status of your application via the toll-free telephone number or Web site 24 hours a day. However, merely holding a contractor’s license does not make for a successful contractor. You must be skilled in the chosen craft and diligent in business affairs - one or the other is not good enough! You (and your employees) must be willing and able to perform to acceptable trade standards and according to plans and specifications.
To survive in an increasingly competitive market, you must also fulfill your duties and responsibilities as a licensed and regulated business in California. Besides licensing contractors, the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) handles more than 20,000 construction-related complaints a year. As CSLB's testing services for potential contractors have expanded, so have their enforcement activities against unlicensed contractors in the underground economy and unscrupulous licensed contractors.

Experience Requirements : 

You must have at least four years of experience to qualify to take the examination. Credit for experience is given only for experience at a journey level or as a foreman, supervising employee, contractor, or owner-builder. All experience claims must be verified by a qualified and responsible person, such as a homeowner, an employer, fellow employee, other journeyman, contractor, union representative, building inspector, architect, or engineer. The person verifying your claim must have firsthand knowledge of your experience - that is, he or she must have observed the work you have done - and must complete the experience certification portion of the application. Even if you provide a certification of your experience,
be prepared to furnish documentation of any experience you claim on the application whenever such documentation is requested.

Licensing Exams :

The qualifying individual for a contractor’s license is required to pass the written Law and Business and Trade examinations unless he or she meets the requirements for a waiver.
There are two parts to the examination process: all qualifying individuals must pass the standard Law and Business examination; in addition, with the exception of the C-61 Limited Specialty Classification, qualifying individuals must pass a second test covering the specific trade or certification area for which they are applying.
The Law and Business examination consists of multiple choice questions related to business management and construction law. All trade examinations consist of multiple-choice questions. You will be informed at the test site about the percentage of correct answers needed to pass each examination. The examinations are developed with the assistance of licensed contractors. Most examinations include questions that refer to accompanying blueprints and/or booklets containing drawings.

Freedom Business School offers exam preparation courses in every Trade and Certificate classification as well as Contractor's Law and Business Management. Our course materials are focused specifically on helping students pass the CA Contractors' License Exams. The course materials are constantly updated to reflect the changes in Contracting Laws and Regulations. Extensive feedback from students helps us effectively address their concerns and exam problem areas.   

Plan For Success:

Study beyond what you need to pass the test. Continue upgrading your skills in your craft and in business matters. Read the educational articles in each issue of the California Licensed Contractor, a newsletter you will receive when licensed. Take advantage of other educational opportunities as they arise because only by mastering both your craft and your business can you ensure success.  

In addition to the Contractors' Licensing, we offer License Qualifying Courses in all aspects of real estate including Salesperson's and Broker's Exam Preparation. All of our Real Estate License courses are written by the industry professionals and approved by the California Department Of Real Estate (DRE).