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California Contractors License Courses

Sunday, February 5, 2012 Filed Under Contractors License

Freedom Business School specializes in California Contractors' Licensing courses. We've been helping Contractors get licensed for over twenty years. We offer exam preparation courses in every Trade and Certificate classification as well as Contractor's Law and Business Management. Our course materials are constantly updated to reflect the changes in Contracting Laws and Regulations. Extensive feedback from our students helps us effectively address their concerns and exam problem areas. Following, is the brief summary of the CA Contractors License courses and recommendations on how to properly study your course materials.

The Law and Business course is conveniently broken into four separate chapters, each with its own Glossary of Terms. The course manual is written in laypersons language and includes sample forms as well as summaries and checklists to help students prepare for the Contractors' License Exam. There are no complicated legal codes to decipher.
The Law and Business Lectures cover each chapter of the Manual and Review questions in the back of the manual. All the lectures are available in both audio and video formats.

The Trade Course covers major topics of the CA Contractors' exam for your specific classification. For example, the General Building Manual covers Concrete, Carpentry and Roofing, Masonry, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC. The manual also contains summaries from the Uniform Building Code, National Electrical Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, and Uniform Mechanical Code. The last section of any trade manual covers the Health and Safety Orders. Anywhere from 5% to 15% of the questions in the trade exams are concerned with basic math calculations. Therefore, Math Review Lecture is included with the most trade courses. 

Please be sure to study all of the Practice Exams and the Update. You need to score at least 90% on each of your Practice Exams to be ready for the State Exam. Don't be discouraged by your score the first time you take a test: you'll get better and better. Allow enough time to study these tests at least two or three times. It is important to read and understand each question, and read every word of explanations. It is necessary to learn the principles behind each question because the State may change the wording of their questions or answers at any time.
The Computer-Assisted Practice Tests are supplied on a computer disk, which will load a software program on your computer. The program presents questions one at a time, automatically scores the exam, presents the student with a grade, and lists each question answered incorrectly along with the correct answer.

Freedom Business School has one of the highest Exam Pass rates in the industry and we are confident that you will also pass your Contractors' License Exam on the first try. 

About Us -

Freedom Business School is a distance education learning school. We specialize in Contractors and Real Estate License courses for California. The school has been in business since 1991. We have professionals for contractor's licenses and real estate broker's licenses. The teaching staff includes attorneys specializing in contractor's license law, mechanics' lien law, and labor law. Course materials include Study manuals, Video, CD and Audiotape Instruction, Practice tests and exam updates.