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Virginia Contractors Licensing News

Tuesday, January 18, 2011 Filed Under Contractors License

New Applications and Forms to be introduced in 2011

In anticipation of the implementation of the new EAGLES licensing system, Virginia Board for Contractors will be using new forms for all transactions. These new forms will make it easier for the licensing staff to review applications and accurately enter data into the new system. The applications will also be easier to read and complete, and will include online versions for some transactions, allowing electronic submission of certain applications. If you are submitting your application after January 1, 2011, check the Board's website to be sure you are sending in the most current version.

New Licensing System to be In Place Mid 2011

The VA Board for Contractors will be riding the second wave of the regulatory boards to be switched to the new EAGLES licensing system. This web-based system will be replacing the nearly two-decade old system currently in use. The EAGLES system will have many new features that will, once in place, provide the licensing staff with the tools required to provide increased level of customer service, more accurate data entry and the ability for contractors to complete some transactions online. The current schedule has the system in place around memorial day.

Commissioners of the Revenue Now Required To Check for Licensure

The 2010 General Assembly passed legislation, signed into Law by Governor McDonnell, that requires local Commissioners of the Revenue to ensure that a contractor is licensed prior to being issued a local Business license. This new requirement also pertains to renewal of existing Business Licenses. You may be required to present a copy of your license, or other proof that your license is current, the next time you visit your local tax office. Since the requirements for obtaining a business license vary from one locality to another, you should contact your local Commissioner of Revenue's office with any questions concerning how the law will affect you.

Continuing Education Must Be Completed Prior To Renewal

Tradesmen and individual certificate holders, who are required to complete continuing education as a prerequisite for renewal must have that education completed prior to the end of the 30-day "grace" period or they will be required to pay a reinstatement fee. This means you must submit you renewal fee AND complete the required education prior to the reinstatement date to avoid a reinstatement fee. Rememeber that continuing education for your current two-year licensing cycle can be completed at any time during that cycle. Don't wait until the last minute to schedule your classes or try to get the education completed before the deadline.

Class C Contractor Limit Increased to $10,000

The 2010 General Assembly passed legislation, signed into law, amending the cap for single contractors/projects for Class C contractors to below $10,000. Previously, Class C contractors had to remain below $7,500 for each individual project. The 12-months limit of $150,000 for the total of all projects completed during that period remains the same. Licenses printed after July 1, 2010 have the new class limit printed above the name of the licensee.

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