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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Getting A Real Estate License

Sunday, April 18, 2010 Filed Under Real Estate License

California Department Of Real Estate (DRE) has recently changed some regulations and fees for the Real Estate License applicants . The following questions and answers reflect the most recent changes.

Q. Do I need prior experience in real estate to apply for a salesperson's license ?

A. No

Q. What qualifications must I meet in order to obtain a salesperson's license from the   State of California?

A. You must be 18 years old, successfully complete three License Qualifying courses: Real Estate Practice and a third real estate course of your choice, and pass the qualifying exam of the DRE.

Q. How do I prove I passed the License Qualifying courses ?

A. Freedom Business School will issue you a certificate of completion when you've successfully passed each course. You submit these certificates to the DRE along with your application for the State exam.

Q. How long is the State exam, and how many questions are on the exam?

A. 3 hours 15 minutes (in one session); 150 multiple-choice questions.

Q. What is the minimum passing score?

A. 70% (i.e., 105 of 150 questions).

Q. What is the DRE fee to take the exam?

A. $60.00

Q. Is there a re-examination fee if I must take the exam again?

A. Yes. It's the same as the original fee - $60.00

Q. May I re-schedule an exam?

A. Yes. The first re-scheduling costs $15, subsequent requests cost $30.

Q. Can I learn my actual score?

A. Only if you fail. You will also be notified of the percentage of questions answered correctly in different subject areas.

Q. If I fail the State exam, do I have to take the License Qualifying courses again?

A. No, but you must take the State exam again.               

Q. Once I get my license, may I work on my own as a salesperson?

A. No. A salesperson must always work under the control and supervision of a broker.

Q. Is an exam preparation course required by the DRE before taking the exam?

A. No, but we think it's indispensable. The State exam questions cover more information than three License Qualifying courses.

Q. Is the exam administered in a language other than English?

A. No: The exam is offered only in English. 

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