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The Contractors Law and Business course Manual is conveniently broken into four separate chapters, each with its own Glossary of Terms. The manual is written in laypersons language and includes sample forms as well as summaries and checklists to help students prepare for the California Contractors License Exam. There are no complicated legal codes to decipher.
The Law and Business Lectures cover each chapter of the Manual and the Law and business Review questions in the back of the manual. All the lectures are available in both audio and video formats.
The Trade course manual covers major topics of the Contractors License exam for your specific classification.

Freedom offers the following course packages for California Contractors License Applicants.
All packages include:

Lowest Price Guarantee
Freedom Business School will beat or match the price of the comparable Study Course.

Freedom's Guarantee Policy:
Pass your State Exam, or we will refund your remaining tuition, if you choose. Otherwise, we will continue to provide the study materials you need until you have passed your California Contractors Exam.

Our Experts will help you fill out your Contractors License Application and advise on any questions you may have.

Combined Video and Audio (Trade) - $249.00

Excavation and Grading - $85.00

This is a primary source for "A", C-12, C-34 and C-42 trade examinations. These trade exams and our course materials are written with the assumption that students will have a copy of this handbook. 



Contractors License Course with Spanish Supplement - Video Instruction - $339.00

This package includes all items of Course #1 - Video Instruction, plus  Law and Business Spanish Supplement - New! 

Contractors License Course with Spanish Supplement - Audio Instruction - $299.00

This package includes all items of Course #2 - Audio Instruction, plus  Law and Business Spanish Supplement - New! 

New! Contractors' License Law and Business Management - Audio Instruction with Online Exams - $195.00

If you are applying for the Limited Specialty Classification (C-61), you are only required to pass the Law and Business Management exam.


New! Contractors' License Law and Business Management - Video Instruction with Online Exams - $205.00

Law and Business Management - Combined Audio and Video Instruction with Online Exams - $259.00

Get the benefits of both live video Instruction in your home and Audio Instruction, when you are on the move!

State Application Review:
Our experts will review your application before you submit it. We will help you make necessary corrections, so that it is accepted by the State the first time and you will get your exam date as soon as possible.
Print Reading For Construction - $135.00

This is a supplemental course for General Engineering and General Building students who have little or no experience reading blueprints. Print Reading For Construction is designed to assist students in reading and understanding both residential and commercial prints.  


Contactors Law & Business Spanish Supplement - $85.00

The Law and Business Spanish Supplement is a summary of the most important information in the Law and Business Manual presented in Spanish. Students must still study the English-version Law and Business Manual, Practice Tests and Update in addition to reading the Spanish Supplement.

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