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Roofing: Correspondence Module

This module describes the materials and components in roofing and offers general strategies for inspecting this home system.

Steep roofing and flat roofing are discussed in a material-by-material organization. Dedicated sections on flashings provide comprehensive coverage of this area where roofing problems frequently occur.

Steep Roofing: General Strategies • Asphalt Shingles • Wood Shingles and Shakes • Slate • Clay Tile • Concrete Tile • Fiber Cement (Asbestos Cement, Mineral Cement, or Cement Asbestos) Shingles • Metal • Roll Roofing • Steep Roof Flashings: Valley Flashings • Chimney Flashings • Pipe or Stack Flashings • Roof/Sidewall Flashings • Roof Intersections with Walls Above • Hip and Ridge Flashings • Skylights • Solariums • Steep Roofs that Meet Flat Roofs Above or Below • Drip Edge Flashings • Dormer Flashings • Flat Roofing: Built-up Roofing (Tar and Gravel) • Modified Bitumen • Synthetic Rubber (Elastomeric, EPDM) • Plastic Roofing (PVC, Thermoplastic) • Metal Roofing • Roll Roofing • Polyurethane Foam (PUF) Roofing • Flat Roof Flashings • Inspection Tools • Inspection Checklist • Answers to Quick Quizzes

Roofing: Correspondence Module

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